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PRINT PRODUCTION „ON THE FLY“ – the keyword for the future


A postpress system of highest efficiency and flexibility, this was the requirement Gämmerler had to fulfill. No question Gämmerler rose to the challenge by developing and implementing a future-oriented installation at the customer’s printing plant.

The possibility for a continuous change from one pre-set printing job to the next one without stopping the press and losing precious time – “On the Fly” at full press speed – is just one of the key features to achieve the required goal.

The link to the Gämmerler G-CONNECT Logistic System allows the components of the postpress line – overhead conveying system FS260, compensating stacker KL565, as well as palletizing robot PR460 with double gripper and slipsheet feeder – to be in permanent data-exchange with the MIS-System, in order to ensure an uninterrupted transparency of the production-process.

Reliable tracking facilitates tracing of each individual printed product in the overhead conveying system, as well as of the created bundle in the downstream line, and therefore ensures a precise net count, reducing the risk of an over- or underdelivery.

The logistic control of the compensating stackers, bundle lines and robots, that means the allocation of the bundles resp. pallets in accordance with the destination/postcodes, enables the individual processing of the bundles within a production and therefore meets the consequent demand for small, target group oriented circulations.

Once again Gämmerler has faced the current challenges of the market and successfully realized a postpress line which due to its efficiency corresponds to the customer’s demand for increased profitability.

Our commitment
We work closely with our customers to create customized solutions that are highly productive and reliable - from a single machine to complex systems. The solution determines whether we use new, reconditioned or existing equipment.
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