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Performance and Reliability

Made to last - that's what Gämmerler equipment is known for. Enjoy continued top performance with our Service & Support solutions!

Your choice - versatile support solutions for every need

You will be surprised how long Gämmerler machines will last. Our customized support packages will help you maintain performance and reliability for many years to come.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Support Packages - to keep you up and running

One of the pillars of our service is the provision of spare parts – today and in future. Our customer service team actively supports you in extending the service life of your Gämmerler machines - from simple trimmers or compensating stackers to complete systems. And should a part become obsolete, we provide technically equivalent replacements or develop machine-specific upgrade kits.

Rapid part identification & handling
Reduce production downtime
Well over 10,000 parts available daily
Genuine parts in stock for many years
Professional maintenance & repairs
On site or at our factory
24-hour service (optional)

Refurbished & Factory Inspected Used Machines - full performance, attractive price

Downtime, maintenance costs, speed are suddenly becoming a problem and threatening productivity? A new machine would be the best solution, but it is not in the budget. Our factory rebuilt equipment with optional warranty bring 100% performance back to your plant at a manageable price. Talk to us, maybe you can even trade in your old machine.

Minimize machine or equipment downtime
Use of genuine parts
Overhauled by our experienced service technicians
Optional upgrades available
With manufacturer's warranty
Fair prices for a good investment

Machine Relocations, Upgrades & Reconfigurations - fast and professional

The printing industry will continue to consolidate, merging sites and focusing on core production. This will lead to more press and equipment moves, often combined with overhauls and configuration upgrades to improve Postpress operations. Equipment relocations can be very complex and challenging projects, and choosing a professional partner is critical to the success of the project.

Turnkey relocation of machines & lines
Planning & execution by our experienced service engineers
Logistical preparation and execution
On-site reconfiguration
Option: Upgrades & reconfiguration of layouts
Option: Overhaul (basic/deep) of the equipment
Relocation of a 48p press for book printing
Reconfiguration of the conveyor system with existing, refurbished and new components
Reconfiguration of the pallet conveyig system, upgrade robot with log gripper
Upgrade of the control technology & reprogramming of the conveyor system

Training - so operators & maintenance always know what to do.

No productivity without trained personnel. We train you during commissioning and as a refresher during productive operation. Especially in times of high staff turnover, regular training can significantly increase Postpress productivity.

Increase safety and productivity with trained operators
Better and more efficient maintenance through trained maintenance personnel
Reduced wear, less downtime and increased machine and line performance

Are you planning to invest into new equipment?

Depending on the project and objectives, it may make sense to consider a new machine or system. IN-LOG | GÄMMERLER can assist you in the design of a new solution, both with existing machines and with new machines or the combination of new and existing components. We carefully evaluate the technical and commercial advantages and disadvantages, discuss the best solution alternatives with our customers and realize the final version.


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Our commitment
We work closely with our customers to create customized solutions that are highly productive and reliable - from a single machine to complex systems. The solution determines whether we use new, reconditioned or existing equipment.
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