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„New“ among the Gämmerler compensating stackers


Based on Siemens’ latest developments in control and automation technology, Gämmerler has expanded its range of compensating stackers with the models KL/545-S and KL/565-S. The Siemens control system S7-1500 and the latest components of drive technology are further enhancing the machine, operating with the proven Gämmerler LiftPack-technology. Additionally a TP-1200 PRO operating panel with new visualization and control logic serves as HMI-Interface, significantly increasing operator settings and information. 

In addition to the benefits for operator settings and information, the further options of data processing and sharing for G-Connect applications are a big advantage.    

Combined with the further advanced Gämmerler G-Connect-Software it is possible to interchange all relevant machine data for up and downstream processing, such as the number of copies per bundle, the number of layers, product tracking, bundle tracking, job-memory, G-Adjust, G-Tour, G-Optimize and G-Health.  Anzahl der Teillagen, Product-Tracking, Bundle-Tracking, Job-Memory, G-Adjust, G-Tour, G-Optimize und  G-Health auszutauschen.

Thus the KL/545-S and KL/565-S are fully prepared for future tasks in the logistics sector. Equipped with the PROFINET interface the machines meet today’s industry standards.  Über die PROFINET- Schnittstelle verfügt die Maschine über ein standardisiertes Interface, das dem Branchenstandard gerecht wird.

This compensating stacker significantly underlines Gämmerler’s philosophy of a continuous adaption to the permanently changing market conditions, to achieve optimization of efficiency and productivity of machines and installations for the customer, through automation and flexibility.

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